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Mid-morning we offer a selection of fruit, breadsticks, toast or crackers with toppings and milk or water. 

The food is designed to be varied, wholesome, balanced and appealing to the children. Occasionally, when learning about other cultures or festivals, we may introduce the children to other items too. 

Special dietary needs are always taken into account.

The children are encouraged to help in the preparation of their snack, to pour their own drinks and to try a variety of foods.

Fresh drinking water is also available throughout the session.

Parents should send thier child with a packed lunch if they are staying for Lunch Club.

Food and Policies

Staffing ratios

The minimum staffing ratios, which are maintained at all times are:

Children aged 2, the ratio is 1:4

Children aged 3-5, the ratio is 1:8


Positive behaviour is actively encouraged and modelled in action and word. Negative behaviour will be handled by explanation and distraction. We encourage good manners and respect for other people and property.



Children should not be brought to the nursery if they have an infectious or contagious illness. The length of absence is dependent on the illness and the recommended exclusion period. The nursery will contact a parent/carer if a child becomes sick whilst in our care.

Clothing and Toileting

Parents/carers must provide nappies (if applicable) and spare clothes. Staff will assist with toilet training as agreed with parents/carers. Old clothing is preferable and all clothing should be named.

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