is a Lead Practitioner. She holds a Level 3 qualification in Children’s Care and Education and has 1 child of her own.  She has worked in the organisation since 2011.



is joint owner of the nursery and in charge of administration. Has 2 children; has 'Early Years Professional Status' and a BA in Early Years. She has been involved in Early Years for over 15 years.

We employ staff with a range of childcare qualifications, life experience, interests and abilities.

Other staff from the Tiddlywinks site at Fressingfield may join the team as required.

Key person system - We operate a key person system so that each child and their family have a consistent contact with whom to discuss any issues or concerns. All parents/carers have the opportunity to talk directly to this member of staff at the start and end of the session.

Online developmental records - These are maintained for each child. All parents and carers can view, update and add to these observations from home. Why not add your holiday photos?

is a an experienced Early Years Practitioner.  She has a Diploma in Nursery Nursing and has 4 children.  She has worked in the organisation since 2006. 


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