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Outdoor Learning

Forest School has existed with quiet confidence and success in Europe for quite some time. In the UK it takes a slightly different form, adapting itself to each region. In Suffolk, it's just starting to flourish and grow.

Forest School looks beyond the stage of each child. With the correct ethos, it generates brave, resilient, risk taking prospective adults at an incredible rate. Giving children the tools to cope with things in their life 5, 10, 15, 20 years into their future.

The EYFS and Forest School work beautifully together. The sessions are child-led with only a handful of children taking part in each session at no extra cost. 

Forest School supports children to take and manage their own risks with minimal adult support. Children are given the confidence to play out of adult sight, understanding the boundaries and risks without constant intervention.

Forest School encourages children to explore and respect nature, developing their imagination and social skills.

We also run Schematic Outdoor Learning sessions for our 2 year olds, designed to support their behavioural patterns to nourish their interests and skills. These usually involve walking through our stream, digging for worms, building dens and making mud pies.

'Children have rich and interesting experiences outdoors to promote their physical well-being. They are kind to others and learn to share resources and take turns.'      OFSTED 2018

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