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What we do:

At Tiddlywinks Nursery each and every child is central to everything that we plan and do because “every child deserves the best possible start in life and the support that enables them to fulfil their potential” (EYFS 2023).

We use the 2023 ‘Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage’ (EYFS), our knowledge of child development and our extensive experience to provide a nursery curriculum that is broad, rich, interesting and challenging.

It covers what we want children to learn, know and be able to do during their time at nursery.

This curriculum is tailored to meet each child’s individual needs acknowledging that they are unique and that children develop and learn at different rates.

It recognises diversity at local and global levels and aims to utilise and raise awareness and understanding of the environment in which we are located.

At Tiddlywinks Nursery we want children to enjoy their time with us while they learn and develop skills that will prepare them for school and life in general.

We want them to be confident and capable individuals with an eagerness to learn so that they continue to gain new knowledge and skills throughout their whole life.

Our curriculum covers seven areas of learning and development which are all important and interconnected:
  Communication and language
  Physical development
  Personal, social and emotional development
  Understanding the world
  Expressive arts and design

How we do it:

Our curriculum is implemented primarily using the concept of ‘learning through play’.

It is carefully sequenced so the children build on their learning step by step and reach their full potential.

It offers repeated opportunities for children to consolidate ideas, develop skills and increase their knowledge.

It is flexible so staff can adapt it depending on the children’s interests, topical events and new ideas.

To teach and support the children…
We have a highly skilled team of experienced and qualified early years practitioners
We have well equipped indoor and outdoor environments
We use a combination of child led play and structured adult led activities

Staff build positive relationships with each child and use a range of teaching methods to suit the children’s different styles of learning.

Staff partner with parents to provide support and promote coordinated learning and development.

Staff work as a team and are positive, consistent role models for the children.

What is the outcome?

The children acquire and demonstrate a range of knowledge and skills.

Staff regularly observe and assess the learning and development of each child and record their achievements and progress on their online Tapestry learning journal.

The children make progress in all seven areas of learning and development and are able to smoothly move on to the next phase of their learning.

Children, staff and families have a positive experience and fond memories of Tiddlywinks Nursery.

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